1. conspicuously new

shiny brand-new shoes


a spick-and-span novelty

Syn: ↑brand-new, ↑bran-new, ↑spic-and-span
Similar to: ↑new
Derivationally related forms: ↑brand-newness (for: ↑brand-new)
2. completely neat and clean

the apartment was immaculate


in her immaculate white uniform


a spick-and-span kitchen


their spic red-visored caps

Syn: ↑immaculate, ↑speckless, ↑spic-and-span, ↑spic, ↑spick, ↑spotless
Similar to: ↑clean
Derivationally related forms: ↑spotlessness (for: ↑spotless), ↑immaculateness (for: ↑immaculate)

* * *

I. adjective or spic-and-span \\|spikən|span, -kəŋ|-, -paa(ə)n\; also spick-and-span-new \\| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷\
Etymology: spic-and-span alteration of spick-and-span, short for spick-and-span-new, from obsolete English spick spike, nail (alteration of English spike) (I) + English and + span-new
1. : quite new : fresh, brand-new

a spick-and-span novelty

2. : like new : spotlessly clean : spruce

his cottage was spick-and-span — J.B.Clayton

a spick-and-span figure in his Panama hat and neat clothes — G.K.Chesterton

automobile owner who likes to keep his car spick-and-spanNew Yorker

Synonyms: see neat
II. adverb or spic-and-span \\“\
: in a spick-and-span manner

clean the kitchen spick-and-span

* * *

/spik"euhn span"/, adj.
1. spotlessly clean and neat: a spick-and-span kitchen.
2. perfectly new; fresh.
3. in a spick-and-span manner.
[1570-80; short for spick-and-span-new, alliterative extension of SPAN-NEW]

* * *

spick-and-span «SPIHK uhn SPAN», adjective.
1. neat and clean; spruce or smart; trim: »

a spick-and-span room, apron, or uniform.

2. fresh or new; brand-new.
[short for earlier spick-and-span-new new as a recently made spike and chip; spick, variant of spike1; span-new < Scandinavian (compare Old Icelandic spān-n < spānn chip + n new)]

* * *

['spik ən 'span]
(also spic-and-span) adj. spotlessly clean and well looked after

spick-and-span shining bathrooms

late 16th cent. (in the sense ‘brand new’): from spick and span new, emphatic extension of dialect span new, from Old Norse spán-nýr, from spánn ‘chip’ + nýr ‘new’; spick influenced by Dutch spiksplinternieuw, literally ‘splinter new’

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